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Christopher Knight is the owner of Discount Gutter Services in Sherman Texas. Christopher began his career as a roofing salesman in 2007 as he was attending Columbus State Community College. He started in sales but quickly grew into management and ensuring other people’s success.

Christopher began recruiting, training and managing a team of 20+ in 2008 and most recently commanded teams of 30-40 sales reps in 3 states for a national company. With the experience and confidence gained within sales, Christopher’s interest in broadening horizons has helped him consult multiple companies, start their own roofing business and become successful roofing companies.

In addition to sales and marketing, Christopher enjoys spending time with his Family. You can catch his beautiful Kelly and their three boys Brayden, Noah and Sawyer enjoying local festivals, restaurants, farmers’ markets and events.

Christopher enjoys working with people most of all – both customers and employees. He is committed to his personal and professional development as well as ensuring the success of those around him. Sales training and personal/professional mentoring are also strong interests.